GiGi K Photography: Blog en-us (C) GiGi K Photography (GiGi K Photography) Wed, 01 Feb 2017 04:33:00 GMT Wed, 01 Feb 2017 04:33:00 GMT GiGi K Photography: Blog 90 120 Day 26...Vegas 2015 My blog, my prerogative to change the rules I set in place, right? ;) Instead of going back 5 years and pulling from my first blog I decided to look and see what I was doing last year on January 26th. Well, that proved to be of no help!!! I guess I didn't pick up my camera on that day either. SOoo, I went back another year in time and smiled big when I saw I was in Vegas on January 26th, 2015. We love it there and we don't even really gamble. I may be the only person who, combined with my husband can spend four days in Vegas and spend less than 100 bucks gambling!? We just love the shows, people watching, the lights, atmosphere and the food! What a place to be.

 Elvis sang it best in 'Viva Las Vegas'... My favorite line in that song is .......

"If you see it once, You'll never be the same again!"

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Day 25... GO, CHEAT REPEATS! ;) A tough week. Didn't feel well. It just is what it is. A few days of 2012 are coming your way. :/ 

This post from day 25 in 2012, I actually talk about "cheat repeats." Imagine that! :D

I do hope you enjoy peeking into my past along with me. 

Thank you so much! 

Here's a link to my original post.

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Day 24... Taco Tuesday Somehow, I keep making my way back to food photos. Dang that food photography anyway!!! lolol

Since we've already established the fact that I'm NOT a food photographer, I'll just tell you it's also a quickie snapshot with my cell phone. No real pressure today for a worthwhile photo. Just another Taco Tuesday. Lord knows I LOVE Taco Tuesdays (insert BIG cheesy grin!) :D  

So, if you're out and about in the Northland, this little gem of a joint is located in Claycomo. Nothing fancy. Just good, homemade, fresh food. 


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Day 23 ... Back in Time Day 23, 2012 Feeling a little under the weather and just didn't get much of anything done today. It happens to the best of us. I hope this "thing" I feel coming on doesn't manifest itself into anything too, terribly ugly but, I'm definitely coming down with something. UGH... there may be a photo of a box of kleenex coming up soon on this blog. Oh wait, I think I did that last time. 

Let's take a little trip back and see what day 23, 2012 holds in store for us! Wait right here...I'll be back! :D 

Well, this one's a little about me! ... If you're interested, please take a look see at the original post! As you can see I figured out the whole 'add a link' process to this blog. It was different. Some things just take me a bit! :)

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Day 22 ... A Very Proud GiGi Talk about talent? A natural? The best of the best? Well, look no further. We've got her right here in our family. This little lady was my first born grandbaby. She's only been in gymnastics for one year and she's knockin' it out of the park at gym meets!!! Way to go, Alia! We love you so much and are so, so proud! 

Here's a couple of my favs from one of her meets. 


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Day 21... Pipers First Family Today is Saturday the 21st of January, 2017! A beautiful day! And, any day you get to spend with kind, loving people who love their fur babies as much as you do, well, that's a great day in my book!  Mark and I went to visit Sunny today. She was Piper's first human mommy. We're so glad we found her and that we have Piper now, too! One of the best parts of this story is one many of you have probably heard. But, I love telling this story! So here ya go! :D

After my veterinarian's office made a phone call, on my behalf, to a breeder they knew had available Labrador puppies, Mark and I were anxiously waiting to hear from her. Our vet had assured us she was the kind of breeder we wanted. Responsible! She called me that same evening, we spoke, went over a few details regarding when we could go look at the puppies etc and I got off the phone GIDDY with excitement. Although she sent me, via text, a couple of photos of the momma dog and litter, I was so excited that I decided it wouldn't hurt to scope out her fb page just to see if she had possibly posted puppy photos from past litters. Yes, I found some adorable photos from past litters but what really knocked my socks off was seeing a photo she had of two dogs on her front porch!!! A very familiar front porch; one I've walked across in my life more times than I could count. Quite seriously, I nearly fell out of bed when I realized she lived in the same house I grew up in! What a small world it really is. It was meant to be that we found her. Not only did we acquire our sweet Piper from her but, she's become a real friend and I couldn't be happier to have a new friend like her in my life. I feel bad that I don't have a photo of her for today's post but I do have one of her daughter and the Divine Miss P's canine family. They're all beauties! Human and canine! :) Sunny, be prepared. Consider yourself warned! You can't escape my camera for long :D

Kaitlin with Hudson

L to R ... Piper's grandma Kansas, her momma, Kamo and her littermate brother, Hudson. A very fine trio!

Kaitlin and Hudson

Hudson, the handsome one. 


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Day 20 ... Day 20, 2012 Another journey back in time... Let's see what day 20, 2012 has to offer. I think the one really fun thing for me about these 'throw back' days is that I don't remember what day 20 was five years ago. How could I. I never look before I post them so it's always a fun surprise for me, going back in time!

 Let me go fetch that post right now! .... brb :)

Ahhhh, I couldn't be happier to share this one. Aside from my novice photography skills (not that I'm such a pro now, mind you) this was one of my favorites from that year. 

Day 20... Small Things




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 Day 20

The best things in life smile when they see you drive up in your car.

The best things in life let you build towers just so they can knock them down.

The best things in life chew on the dog bone...then give it back to the dog.

They reach for you with little, outstretched arms, cry when you tell them "no"

and look you straight in the eye as they do it again... :)

The best things in life want to watch a movie with you.

The best things in life want you to have lots of art on your fridge.

They want to read a book to YOU,  fix your hair "pretty"...

and then tell you that you look "a little weird."

The best things in life say they've been "praying and praying" to come back to your house. 

The best things in life respond to "Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite" with...

"but if they do, smack 'em with your shoe" and then giggle...:)

The best things in life really are the "small things"

They are the mirror to our own past

and the key to our future.

The best things in life are God's reward for whatever we've done right!





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Day 19 ... Orange Cat My sweet Orange Cat. She begged. It's that simple. I tried to tell her being on the blog twice in one week was one too many times but she posed like a pro (had nothing to do with a few crumbs lying on the counter, you know.) :)

Love this cat. She's 5 years older now since my last 365 project and no longer ALWAYS sits right by my side while I work. I'm pretty sure I can say she never left my side during that year. She truly was my feline assistant. Now, she much prefers the comfort of a recliner that one of her humans has turned over to her after heading off to bed.

Here she is. In all her beautiful orange glory. 

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Day 18 ... Caramel Heaven Planet Kane still has some candy happenin'... yes , we do and it's the best you've ever had. I would be willing to wager.  Just my opinion of course. And, I do have a ton of opinions...But, we won't get into those. Let's just stick to the most heavenly caramels you've ever tasted!

Now, I know a few days back I informed you of my lack of skill when it comes to food photography. So, keep that in mind. Maybe it will help you not to be so jealous that you aren't enjoying these mouth-watering, homemade caramels. Or, maybe not. They. Are. Incredible. 

From this....

to this ....

to this....oh, I can taste them now :D

OK, by now, rest assured, I've tasted. 

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Day 17 ... Vote, PLEASE All in good fun, you know. Sooo, :) please leave your vote in the comments! To paint, or not to paint. That is the question. This fireplace needs help in the worst way. Well, I think it does anyway. Mark, on the other hand, he thinks it's just fine the way it is (sigh.) Of course, he does. But, me? I want to paint it! It will brighten and lighten the room, don't you agree? For one, the color of the brick is not attractive. Two, it just makes the room darker and that's what bothers me most! This room also has a covered porch right outside the only windows which only adds to the darkness! Aaand, when we bought the house the wood paneling was still wood stained. Ok, believe me, I was screaming TOOOO DARK!!! Without any hesitation, at all, I knew the walls had to be painted. That alone was enough to cause Marks jaw to drop. You should've seen the look on his face when I said I was going to paint the paneling. He was so worried I would ruin it. I thought painting the room would be enough, and it did help but, it's still dark. I REALLY think painting the fireplace would definitely brighten the room. On top of all my 'it's too dark of a room' issues, it's an odd configuration with the door leading to the garage on one side and then the recessed cabinet and shelving on the other. That not being painted already is all my own hesitation. I just wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it when I painted the walls so I left it as it was/is. 

So, tell me true! Here's a photo of the fireplace. Tell me whatcha think? If nothing else, you gotta love my Divine Miss P the photo bomber! <3

Oh and by the way. I'm mainly looking for some moral support! lolol Seriously. If I was REALLY confident that I wouldn't screw this up, I probably would've already done it. Mark knows I'm serious. He'll be fine. As long as I don't ruin it!!! Because I know there's no going back when painting brick! Let me just say, YIKES! I know what I want, I'm just nervous I can't pull it off and it 'need$' to be a diy project. I'm too cheap and wouldn't pay to have it done. It's gotta be me, or a no go. So now that the truth is out (I'm lacking in confidence,) place your vote for what you think should be done. Paint, or no. Then throw in a few words of encouragement while you're at it! :D Thanks!

Second photo? That's my little Hare Bear. <3  I know he'll love coming to GiGi and PaPa's house whether I paint the fireplace, or not. I'll be his "Sweetheart" and let him play on my tablet anytime he wants! And, I have snacks too! 

Photography lesson with this post? I now know I'm not fit to be a real estate photographer. Food Photographer-X ... Real Estate photographer-X ... two down and counting!

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Day 16 ... Bird love No matter how many times I say this, it's as true as the time before. I LOVE my backyard birds. I suppose I should/could take the time to find different places to birdwatch, too, though. Nature preserves? Bird sanctuaries? But, I just enjoy what flies into my own backyard the most. :)  It makes me feel like they're 'my birds.' And, when you're the owner/manager of the neighborhood hot spot for feathered friends...well, you just can't be away for long! Our local birds think Kane's Backyard Bird Diner is the place to be!

This female Cardinal was ravenous today and spent a lot of time feeding. I caught this image when she took a break from the feeder and flew to perch in my Pine tree. 


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Day 15 ... Orange Cat Meet Orange Cat. Yep, that's her name. We've had her for almost 12 years now and she remains, quite simply, Orange Cat. It's official you know when it's on their veterinary record! After the first few months of spending countless hours trying our best to come up with a name that suited her, we just couldn't and slowly, Orange Cat just stuck. But, at this point I'm convinced she's not living in a state of despair over it. She is affectionately called Pusskins on a regular basis and seems emotionally well adjusted so her name is rarely discussed except when introducing her to others. :)

However, what has disrupted her little world, and likely caused her some despair is the existence of two small humans living in what she firmly believes is solely her domain. Two small humans who are WAY more interested in her than she is in them. I can just imagine her sighs and feelings of disdain when she sees them coming. But, wouldn't you know, she ALWAYS seems happily hunkered down in a chair or on our bed upstairs, EXCEPT when you want her to be! She regularly attempts to hold her ground just waiting for one of them to get close while she's lounging in one of our recliners. That's when the warning meow is sounded! Next comes the stealthy swat if the meow wasn't sufficient to ward them off. HA! Seriously? Ward them off? They're fascinated by her! I can't imagine why though considering they've both been swatted at multiple times. Somehow, unlike me, I'm very sure that Orange Cat won't miss those babies one bit when they move soon. 

Today, when both the babes were napping, this is where I found her and where she stayed for an hour or more. I'm sure she was very proud and quite happy with herself thinking 'I'll show them' as she laid her fluffy self right smack dab in the middle of the living room floor next to all their little toys!!! She gave me 'the look' when I was making her portrait as if to say, 'I'VE NEVER HAD THIS MANY TOYS! 

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Day 14 ... Ham, Beans and the Divine Miss P Kitchen photos. ALWAYS kitchen photos. There's no posing if she's outside. Trying to catch a great image of a labrador while it's rolling, wrestling, jumping, humping, digging and, in general moving non-stop is exasperating, to say the least. Sure, I know all about using my camera settings to catch the action but, honestly, it's just no fun when they're being obnoxious. There's really no posing when she's inside either. This was a 'one shot, lucky, click of the shutter' before she bridged the gap between us to slime me and my camera lens with kisses. You'd never know it by the beauty in this shot, would you? So, so many kitchen shots of my pretty baby. This is where we spend lots of time. She doesn't seem to mind much, though. There's always a treat nearby (or whatever baby Evey drops on the floor) and that makes her quite the happy Piper pup. 

Moving on to my second photo. Food photographers, you have my utmost respect. Period. I raise my glass (my bowl to you.) Here's to a fabulous bowl of ham and beans with cornbread! Delicious smells filled this house today while we waited on an ice storm that has yet to arrive and one I could definitely live without. But, no worries. I'm safe and sound at home. And, a steaming hot bowl of leftover beans will be amazing tomorrow, too, should that ice storm actually hit. :) 

Miss Piper <3

Dinner :) 

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Day 13 ... A COLD day for Eagle watching We saw at least a half-dozen eagles at Smithville Lake today. As many times as I go out eagle watching and as many times as I've captured photos, I never tire of them. Such a beautiful, powerful creature.  

This isn't the best photo I've captured of an eagle but it's not 'bad.' The longest lens I own is 300mm and it was at 300. And cropped A. LOT.

I hope to capture yet another, better image this winter but for now, this is my first in a few years. It was so cloudy and beyond bitter cold out there this afternoon. We were late getting out there and it was close to sunset (had it been a sunny day) so that didn't help me out either but, I got a shot. I hope you enjoy.

I'm not sure how far we were from it. I'm not a great judge of distance. This was shot with my lens at 300mm.

Here it is cropped.

And, for anyone who might be interested in boating and/or skiing right now, I took this one for YOU! ;D


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Day 12... Milk with cookies, please! Obviously, I've never been directly behind a Shatto milk truck before. I sure wish the truck had been clean so reading the fine print was easier but, how cute is that. If you've never seen it before either, take time to read close. I don't know why I like it so much but, I do! It made me smile. :D


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Day 11 ... Resorting to Resorting to a cell phone shot of the sleeping dog and husband, that is. Oh, and if sound effects were available, there would be snoring involved, too. Sometimes I wonder where I fit into this picture...Well, actually, there IS room for me (barely) but, not so much and, as much as we love our furbabies, there's just not enough room on our bed for them to actually sleep with us. Now, Miss Piper, she could care less. She loves her nighttime sleep kennel and goes straight to it when we head upstairs. Sophie on the other hand? Well, you can see where she'd like to spend her night. :) She thinks our bed is the best place ever for stretching out and sleeping! When it is finally time for lights out, I have to literally drag her doggy booty OFF the bed! But, once all four paws hit the floor, she knows right where to go and sleeps snugly in her nighttime kennel, too. 

Sleeping dog and 'dad.' Yep, I regularly have to take his glasses off :D

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Day 10... Oopsie #3 I really am struggling this time around, but, I'm learning a lot about me... I said I wasn't going to beat myself up yet, I still am. Stressing each day that I haven't had a worthy photo to post along with my "babbling blog.' And, seriously, stressing over a blog? RIDICULOUS! I want it to be fun. I just can't seem to find the time to get out for an interesting photography shot. I think I need to remind myself that I have 354 days to go. Hopefully, the worthwhile photo days will heavily outweigh the other days. And, at the end of it all, I'll have a year in my life documented even if it is just some snapshot photo days here and there..... I hope you enjoy another day of my 2012 blog! I haven't clicked on it yet so even I don't remember what day 10 held five years ago. Hopefully it will be a 'worthy' one...I sure had some less than grand photos on that blog, too! lolol 

January 29, 2012

Day 10 ... Days Gone By

Day 10
Once in a
while, we all reminisce about the way things used to be. Lots of clever Fwd's seem to float around the internet, through our e-mail and on Facebook that remind us of our own childhood and how truly different it really was compared to the children of today. Occasionally, though, when your not even thinking of it, is when it really hits you!
Today as I was walking around town here in Liberty with my husband I saw this phone booth. I immediately loved it's bright color and how it just screamed of days gone by. But what really struck me was the young people who had just passed by us in a car, laughing and squealing (there were eight of them piled in this fairly small car..we counted as they got out)... but as they drove past I saw at least a few of them with cell phones in hand. I had to wonder if any of them had ever even used a pay phone, much less used one inside of a phone booth!!! It was just one of those instant reminders of how different things were when I was their age...(now, being piled in a car with way too many passengers remains the same)
Don't get me wrong, I actually like technology and for the most 
part I embrace all the changes and want to keep up with how things change. I don't ever want to be that "older person" who is really way too young to be so "out of touch" with the way things are nowadays. It just really made me wonder what will my children look back on when they're only 52 years old and remember as being soooo different from the way it is right now...:)


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Day 9 ... Monday, No Funday It's happens...leaky pipes....a mess. And, I'm NOT talking about ME! :D

Tuesday it was all put back together and that's a good thing!

End of story

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Day 8... A VERY 'burrry' day at the Bur Oak Not counting my family, of course, there's nothing I love more than nature. Period. Birds, flowers, gardening, hiking and trees, too. They're so powerful. Strong. Mighty. And, we have one of the best examples of that mightiness very near the Greater KC area a couple of hours east, between Booneville and Columbia. A Bur Oak that is between 350-400 years old. A sight to see. This spring I want to take a picnic lunch, sit and just be. I posted a YouTube video below if you'd like to know more about the tree.


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Day 7... Another 'Oopsie!' In keeping with my decision to not beat myself up for missing some days here and there, I will no longer refer to those days as 'failures'... I much prefer the term 'oopsie!' In fact, it makes me smile and I don't feel so bad at all! 

I hope you enjoy this blog entry from January 26, 2012... :)

Day 7...Eggs and the Lord

January 26, 2012  •  

 Day 7

Ok, I have to goes...Am I the only person who's never noticed the Bible verse on the inside of the egg carton? Please, someone, tell me I'm not alone. I guess I don't get an award for being very observant. Obviously, in my mad rush to put groceries away and move on to the next task, I've transferred eggs (no telling how many times) to the egg container and tossed the cartons in the recycling bin without ever noticing. It may sound silly to some (and my husband never misses the chance to tease me about it) but I truly believe there's a life lesson in nearly every moment we live. So what could possibly be my lesson in this? Maybe to be more observant? Lord only knows what I may be missing out on (no pun intended but I feel certain He has a really good since of humor anyway!)

Today, I actually had a really good day! It was a great day at work, the weather is beautiful and my daughter Abby came by to see me "just because" :) It always makes my day when my kids stop by just to see me! And last, but certainly not least, in my search for something to photograph, I not only find a subject but a little message from God!... Life is Good!


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