Hey there~

My name is Gayle, aka GiGi.  

I love photography. Simple as that! My family and friends know there's no safe place to hide from GiGi and her camera! Although there were no professional photographers in my family, I grew up in a home where the camera was always sitting out on a counter or table ready to catch a "happening" moment in our family. There was always new rolls of film, flash bulbs and fresh batteries on hand. For that, I thank my mom. :) She definitely passed her love and passion for photography on to me. Having a camera on hand and ready to fire was just something I took for granted.

I decided I wanted to do more than just take pictures close to 10 years ago. So, my real journey into photography began when I was given a very nice camera for a birthday gift. I was ecstatic yet I knew enough and understood that it's not about how "nice" your camera is. I knew I had a LOT to learn and I was determined. I signed up for classes at a local camera shop and got hooked. Since then I've been enrolled in classes through the Kansas City Art Institute, I attend photography seminars, belong to Northland Photography club where I currently serve on the board and read just about anything I can on the subject. Spending time learning, and sharing knowledge with my photographer friends is also a large part of my growth and development as a photographer!
And, we have a great time! :)
I'm a licensed Cosmetologist and have actively worked in the beauty industry for years. It's a career I love and I have amazing clients who keep me inspired! I'm very social and love being with people! Being a people person makes cosmetology and photography great choices for me! :)  I like to sew (mostly craft type things,) and I love to bake! My husband and I both love to garden and we do a little canning, too! Our dog and cat are currently the only 'children' we have living at home :) We really like spending time outdoors with the dog, taking walks and going on spur of the moment day trips when we can.
And of course, I photograph it all! :)
I'd describe myself as a passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated photographer!!!
I love being able to capture and share what I see through the lens. It's just what I do. It's fun! My goal is simple. Create special memories with my photographs, whether it be portraits, candid family moments or the landscapes and wildlife I may see!
I really do appreciate you taking your time to look at my work! Thank you :)

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I hope you like what you see!
Gayle Kane "GiGi"
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