Francesco Sinibaldi(non-registered)
That memory.
( other version )

In the light
of an apparent
peace there's
a writing, a feeble
illusion and an
intimate feeling
that covers the
darkness and the
breath of a pain...

Francesco Sinibaldi
Vicki Goth(non-registered)
Hi Gayle, very nice pics. I sent a pic of your business card to my sister. She is going to share with my niece when she goes to California to see her next weekend.
Cate Lowman(non-registered)
This is great, Gayle! I can tell it's a new project though because you have at least 365 awesome photos (from your once a day project) that are not on here and I remember so many of them. You really have talent and I especially enjoy your choice of subjects: nature and children. Keep up the good work.
Denise Harnden(non-registered)
Love love love the pics of my grandbabies ! You did an awesome job GiGi !!
JILL ANNIE(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing. Your site is great, and you have spent a lot of time on setting it up. Your photos are presented beautifully!
Norine Piet(non-registered)
You have a very nice site! You did a good job in presentation and your photos are lovely. Keep up the good work. Makes me want to sharpen mine up! :)
Patricia Zollmann Kissinger(non-registered)
Thank you for your invitation to look at your lovely photos. They are engaging, creative, and full of love!
Pat Dickerson(non-registered)
Gayle, Your passion for photography shows in your work. BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!
Keely Martinez(non-registered)
I Love it. I need some pretend wedding pics. :)
Your pics are great. Remember me in October!!
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